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The Ugly Truths of the Beauty Industry

by Chase Rosen   Can you identify any of the ingredients listed on your mascara? Do you have any idea what swallowing lipstick can do to your body? There is a dark side to the beauty industry. Scientists, green aficionados and make up artists are working together to unveil and inform people about the ugly […]

Get in Touch: Alternative Sources of Affection for Singles

by Tierney McAfee Single people need love too—especially since summer is only a few weeks away.  By now you’ve taken down the mistletoe, had or missed a New Year’s kiss and Valentine’s Day was ages ago. If the only thing you have to hold now is your iPod Touch, you may be feeling deprived of […]

Cures to Your Hangover Woes

by Chase Rosen Ever wake up from a fun night at the bar, only to realize that your head is pounding? And though reaching for the Tylenol and Gatorade might seem like a good way help ease away the hangover, there are better remedies out there. Hangovers happen when the body becomes dehydrated.  Drinking alcohol […]

Low Calorie Happy Hour Specials

by Chase Rosen While happy hour may be a great excuse to knock back a drink a few drinks to “relax”- remember that what you’re drinking could be loaded with calories.  Did you know that a single chocolate martini has more calories than a McDonald’s grilled chicken sandwich?  That’s because there are 7 calories per […]

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