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Junk Food & Pregnancy

by Martin Leung We’ve probably all heard tales of outlandish snack and junk food requests made by pregnant women.  Cravings may vary from woman to woman, but for the snack-loving expectant mother, there may be a new reason to fight junk food binging. A new study suggests that women who eat snacks high in sugar […]

Are Hudson River Striped Bass Safe to Eat?

by Martin Leung Each year when striped bass season opens on April 15, thousands of fishermen either set off on boats or line the shore of the Hudson to catch New York State’s official saltwater fish.  Every striped bass fisherman in the city is out to catch the fish of a lifetime. These monsters can […]

Talk With Your Mouth Full: Benefits of the Family Dinner

by Ian Chant The tradition of families reporting on their days over dinner seems more like a leftover every day, but recent studies have suggested that family togetherness is not the only thing that suffers when parents and kids fail to connect over a meal. Children’s health does, too. And not just for the reason you […]

Knowledge Beats Fear: A Lesson From the Ferocious Cuscus

by Channon Hodge The cuscus, a cute but obscure Australian marsupial, is gentle and shy. But in a recent study, scientists told 72 elementary school kids that the cuscus has sharp teeth, eats blood and will scratch your skin. To no one’s surprise, all the children were scared of the cuscus. Creating fear in children […]

Eating Fruit for Diabetics

by: Malgorzata Wojtunik “Five a day keeps the doctor away.” You’ve heard it a million times, but when it comes to diabetics, not all types of fruit are good to eat. High sugar content in some fruits (i.e. watermelon, pineapple) affect blood glucose levels. This doesn’t mean you have to exclude all fruits from your […]

Animals Fighting!

Everyone loves National Geographic nature shows, but don’t you wish you could skip to the nasty bits sometimes? Wish no more.  Maniac World Animal Fights compiles all the crazy moments of animal on animal mayhem for your sadistic viewing pleasure. We recommend Woodpecker v. Snake. Enjoy, lovers of science!      

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