Mushy Bananas as Building Materials, (or Underwear)

by SimpleScience team

Brazilian scientists are creating extremely durable plastics using the fibers of bananas, pineapples and other fruits.

“The properties of these plastics are incredible. They are light, but very strong,” said lead scientist Alcides Leao. Leao sees uses for the tiny fibers in creating the next generation of green auto parts. “For one thing, they will help reduce the weight of cars and that will improve fuel economy.”

This banana car technology is years away from matching up with the designs of more expensive, green competitors.

Other industries are tapping into the banana fiber’s versatile properties. A residential building facade in Bangkok, Thailand was built by ArchitectKidd using materials made from banana fibers. This helps keep the building cool in hot temperatures. The bananas lend it an organic and natural exterior.

Not all things have to be rough and tough. Australian company, Aussiebum, produces underwear blending cotton with banana fibers. Sexy?

“We researched into the concept of banana fabric with a knitting mill in Australia and discovered it is a very economically friendly fiber and also very comfy to wear! So fits perfectly for a fabric in underwear,” said Lloyd Jones of Aussiebum.

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